Most times when people mention camping, the others in the conversation either express love for it or hatred.

I know people who love it, to the point the “rough” it all the way through. No electricity, everything cooked on the fire, way back to the good old days of living away from the rat race and away from the big city.

I’m not one of those people, and growing up in a small town away from a big city (I grew up a world away from Toronto) I never went camping, the most I ever did in a tent was pitch it in the backyard and have friends over. I remember bugs, large ones, and cold, damp nights. I never enjoyed it.

That was then, this is now. Two summers ago, we were invited to a camp that included many of our friends (more now since going) We rented a pop up camper and went up. We had a great time. I need to note, we had electricity, running water and showers/ toilets right at the camp site. This was a big party with lots of people to hang out with for 3 days.

Last year, I went looking for a rental again, and found a steal of a deal. Our own camper for $300. I bought it. My husband has been fixing it up. We went from camping once the first year, to twice last year and this summer I have a weekend planned in the camper every summer month. We might even head out in September.

Why am I talking about camping? Well in a short few days, I’m going to be camping, in my camper, but the hard core way. No electricity. Gasp. Wish me luck, I’m a tech junkie and always with my phone/ computer. What about food, and cooking? No running water scares me. I’m thinking outhouses and stink.

I’ll update on my experience, but doubt it will convert me. Why am I doing it? My daughter is in Scouts. This is a family outing.
Oh what we do for our kids!


Cambridge Classic Mile

 My daughter participated in the Cambridge Classic Mile yesterday. She was very excited and told me all the things we tell our kids when they are going into a sporting event. Winning doesn’t matter, just doing it is awesome (she added in that she was using energy so that was important).

She ran the 4 laps that were needed, and she ran the whole 4 laps without walking any of it. That made me proud, she ran it and gave it her heart and gave it her best. That was my only condition for her. Do her best.

Walking if that was her best, would have been enough. I watched her give it and push through. When did she walk? Through the finish line!

What is next for her? I’m going to start running with her, so she can keep up her running. I won’t be able to keep up with her at all. I will learn I guess!

We will be back in the race next year that is for sure!

Canadian Premiere of How to Train your dragon!

I have been more than excited about the Canadian Premiere of How to train your dragon!

John Labatt Centre is hosting it in London Ontario and we (my husband and I) have been pumped to bring my daughter and her cousin.

I have high expectations that I’m sure that it will meet. We are huge fans of the movie, and a stage production can only make the experience 10 times better. The best part will be when Hiccup will be flying with toothless. I’m hoping they can fit everything into a stage production that they are able to in a cartoon version of it!

I hope you check out the clips and links I’ve posted to make your decision to attend the show. I haven’t been disappointed with the couple of “spoilers” I’ve allowed myself to partake in.

What would it take for you to buy some tickets?

Easter Weekend

I have no events going on this weekend. If we do go out and do something it will be an egg hunt somewhere local. I do have an egg hunt planned for my daughter along with a nice meal with my mom. Sunday a friend from Fort Frances Ontario is visiting, and that is something you can’t even put a price or a value on! You see, I met her online over 7 years ago, and have never actually met her in person. She is one of those people I can talk to every day and never run out of things to say! We’ve gotten married and each had a child since we “met”. I am excited to have her visit me and for us to meet her and her daughter in person!

I am going to show her around Cambridge so she can see what it is like to be here! i’m very excited! (Can’t you tell!)

Picture from the Happily Ever After Ball

I want to thank Hula Hoop Photography  for this amazing photo of my little girl! I have ordered a couple 5×7’s and hoping I can get the digital copy to enlarge too!

Happily Ever After Ball

On Saturday I took my daughter to the Happily Ever After Ball

It was put on by a local lady and all proceeds were being donated to the Women’s Crisis Centre. (I did read on Sunday that they raised $1000)

My daughter was static to be able to go, and she had a blast. She is 6 and enjoyed every moment of it. She was fortunate to meet Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel as well as Cinderella

She put her name in for a couple door prizes and did a treasure hunt! They had dancing and they made masks as well as hunted for cinderella’s shoes.
Her favourite part was making a wish and writing it down to put into the wishing well! She loved her jelly beans she received as a thank you for coming!

I hope they put the event on again. I know that as every year passes they will only get better. From a 6 year olds perspective it was a really fun event!

KW Symphony Prog Rock

I was lucky enough to attend the KW Symphony on Friday night to hear and watch them with a special series Prog Rock

Here is how they describe the night

“A sound associated with bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Jethro Tull, Prog Rock explores extended musical structures, intricate patterns and textures, and often esoteric subject matter — giving it a place beyond pop and beside modern greats like Stravinsky and Bartók. Hear a brand new piece for orchestra and a Rush-style Power Trio by acclaimed Canadian composer Nicole Lizée: music that bridges the gaps between old and new, acoustic and electronic, classical and rock.”

I love the symphony, I love everything about listening to what these people can do with their instruments. My husband joined me and he enjoyed it a lot too. I do plan to do more of these nights. He enjoyed this particular one more than I did. It was harder than I enjoyed and the pieces that they played really did fit into what they were going for. Heavy Metal Rock. I’m not a fan of the Rock music so I’m not surprised that I wasn’t a huge fan of what they came up with.

Now nothing says that they weren’t great at how they played. My husband who is a Heavy Metal fan absolutely loved the show and would go back again. They did something right!

I’m very thankful for them as I won the tickets on a twitter contest. Because of that though, I can see us participating in more of their shows! I just have a feeling that next one will be something that I would enjoy more musically. Either way, a great time was had and I enjoyed watching and listening to hear all the different instruments.

Still taking time

I am still taking time to get used to updating and blogging, and I’m hoping to continually do this as I remind myself more and more.

We have been busy and have a few things planned. My 6 year old absolutly adores all the shows and events we have been enjoying so it isn’t something I’m going to stop!

Monster Jam

I didn’t make it to the Monster Jam show in London at the John Labatt Centre. A headache prevented me from even enjoying it a little.

I sent my husband and daughter off with some of their friends and they had a great time. How do I know!? Well, walking into the house my daughter automatically started talking about it. Going on and on about the Canada Truck and how awesome that truck is! (Northern Nightmare)

The guys all loved how loud it was, although my daughter wearing the ear muff hearing protection still cupped her ears a few times as it was too loud for her.

I don’t know if my daughter would go back to Monster Jam (although just as girl friendly as for boys, mine isn’t a fan of loud) I do know that my husband and his friend had more than enough fun for her. Trucks standing on 2 wheels for extended lengths, the loudness and the crushing of things were enough for these 2 to become regular fans of the sport!

I want to thank and for the tickets. I didn’t get to enjoy the show but they were appreciated nonetheless.

Ideas are all around.

Since I started on this mission to get more culture into my life, I see all kids of ideas of things we can do.

The Cambridge butterfly conservatory, or the Kitchener Art Gallery are two local things I do plan to visit. We also have the Waterloo Region museum as well as The Museum, which used to be the Childrens museum but is so much more than that!

I’m not even having to drive very far to enjoy so many things that excite the senses. We are also looking into getting tickets for Cirque Du Soleil for May. For people close to us, they know that May is a busy month with important birthdays and a wedding anniversarty. So splurging on some tickets to see it will be a perfect time.

I’m always looking for specific things to do. If you see a great show happening, or an exibit that looks very interesting please let me know. I don’t always see things happening until it is too late.

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