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How to Train Your Dragon – #JLCreviewer

Like I said in my first blog post about How to Train your dragon, I had high expectations. Boy, did they not disappoint. We all left amazed at what we just finished seeing. The whole time I was watching, I felt I was in the show.  Many times we bring our children to shows for their amusement, this time it was just as much for the adult as it was for the child. No child needed to watch this show – Promise!

My daughter, who is hard to please, was entranced the whole time with the life like dragons and the actors who played Hiccup and Astrid. Must note – Astrid is her favorite!

Perhaps my imagination isn’t where the creators of the live show is – but I would never had thought of using the techniques that they did to make it so realistic. Walking on Walls, Flying in the air, fire and bubbles. You can’t get a bad seat for the performance.  The dragons themselves were superb, life like, large and in charge. They were the size of a small passenger truck to a large transport truck.  They had them flying above us, or coming at us and breathing “fire”. Dragons eating objects and taking care of business.

We all spoke of our favorite parts of the live performance, and many times it was the story itself, mine had to be the bubbles to make us feel like we were under water, or when the fire came up to make us realize we were fighting the Queen dragon. The details that they remembered and added in made the show. The actors were perfect, never missing a beat that you or I would catch.  I was sad when it ended and I had to return to reality.

Would I recommend this show to anyone? YES . You didn’t need to watch the movie to understand the show. They mastered enough movie to be able to show. Many times it is hard to make an animated movie into a production, considering one with huge dragons to contend with – but they managed it with precision. I didn’t feel like I missed any of the movie at all while watching the show.

Thanks John Labatt Centre (JLC) for the afternoon of magic and being a #JLCreviewer . This was truly a magical afternoon that was enjoyed by the adults as much as the children. The staff at the JLC are as amazing as the show itself. I had a chance to chat with a few of the staff, and they were so courteous and kind.   Check out a show there anytime.


Monster Jam

I didn’t make it to the Monster Jam show in London at the John Labatt Centre. A headache prevented me from even enjoying it a little.

I sent my husband and daughter off with some of their friends and they had a great time. How do I know!? Well, walking into the house my daughter automatically started talking about it. Going on and on about the Canada Truck and how awesome that truck is! (Northern Nightmare)

The guys all loved how loud it was, although my daughter wearing the ear muff hearing protection still cupped her ears a few times as it was too loud for her.

I don’t know if my daughter would go back to Monster Jam (although just as girl friendly as for boys, mine isn’t a fan of loud) I do know that my husband and his friend had more than enough fun for her. Trucks standing on 2 wheels for extended lengths, the loudness and the crushing of things were enough for these 2 to become regular fans of the sport!

I want to thank and for the tickets. I didn’t get to enjoy the show but they were appreciated nonetheless.

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella

@evilflu – or put a request on Twitter if anyone wanted her other ticket to Cinderella in London Ontario at the Grand Theatre. (

I jumped at the chance seeing it is my resolution and everything!I drove down on a Thursday night – January 5th to London Ontario to meet Nikki and to see the show that didn’t dissappoint.  I was not disappointed! There was more kissing than the Disney version but that is ok too!

Getting into the Grand Theatre, I loved the set up and realized how none of the seats are a bad seat in the house! I would like to do a balcony seat next time. The people in them seemed to really enjoy the view they had!

As much as I loved the singing / acting from the amazing people on stage – I loved the sets and the design as much. Just like when I went to Disney On Ice, I wasn’t dissappointed with how the sets make the show.

The actors help the sets do their jobs and vice versa. They worked seemlessly together. I am a product of a TV environment. The fact that, while watching, I don’t notice It isn’t a TV screen to me is perfection.

Maybe as I become more of a theatre buff (ok I doubt that) that my expections might raise. I enjoy the feeling of the theatre, being there and seeing live people do things that make them happy. Not only are they happy doing it – they are great at what they do.

Would I recommend it? Yes, as well as I’m sure Nikki @evilflu would recommend it also.
Would I see it again? I don’t think I would be able to see it in the same venue again, I do plan to make the Grand Theatre a regular place to check out their shows from now on. If this Cinderella did come back to a location close to me, I would buy a couple more tickets for sure!

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