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Great seats and a great time at the Ron James Show Taping

On Friday night, my lovely husband got tickets and brought myself and 2 of our friends to see Ron James in person and to see a taping of one of his TV shows.

We are huge CBC fans, we love these TV show live audience taping. We watch so much CBC it is a staple in our house.

Since, this isn’t the first time we went, we have gotten pretty good at scoring great seats. Our many trips managed to get us front row seats! Image


That is really the only photo I was able to get, as no recording or photographs are permitted once the cameras are turned on.

We laughed so hard that night, we had tears in our eyes and were wiping them away. We must have made good TV as we had the camera on us for a good 10 minutes of us laughing. It was great, I can never say a good laugh is a bad thing, and full body laughs are always a great way to start a weekend.

Tickets are free, and available for a lot of CBC shows. Check out for shows. Not all are Toronto based, This hour has 22 minutes does its taping in Halifax and has audiences too.

I’m checking out CBC all the time for Stephan and Chris and Strombo tickets. They are available now, but I am waiting for a day I can take off that corresponds with a show and personalities I want to see!



We Scared the Crows

So I’m not great at updating everything we’ve done at a quick pace so I’m going back a bit to when we made some scarecrows!

The Cambridge Sculpture Garden (  puts on the event every year. They call it Scare the Crows.

We arrive and checked in. It is an event you have to sign up for, and I’m very happy my friend Michelle signed us up with her and her daughter.

Each of us made our own scarecrow. They gave us a list of everything we would require from a frame which consisted of black tubing about 1 or 2” round glued together with 2 sets of “arms” from it, to all the clothing and pins to put it together and keep it there!

We found a spot on the lawn at the garden, and started to work. They had bales of hay all over so we didn’t have to worry about being too far from our supplies.


The girls had a blast filling the crows with hay, pinning everything on them so they stay.

End results had some really happy kids!


Her crow was even in the shot that the local paper took. I can’t find any of their photographs online but if you are wanting to see all of the scarecrows that were made that day, check out the website that the Cambridge Sculpture Garden has!


I took my little pink lover to Guelph on Sunday to watch Pinkalicious. It is a play based on a book by the same name.

Having never been to the River Run centre, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I shouldn’t have had a second thought, as usual well laid out theatre and not a bad seat in the house. We had really close to the stage seats, thanks to River Run advertising on Facebook last minute tickets that had come available. With easy to find parking and such a short drive from Cambridge, we will be doing more shows there in the future for sure!

As for pinkalicious, my pink lover was expecting an exact replica of the book. It was not. Which made it nice for me. 55 minutes straight through with no intermission was also the perfect length of time also. Just long enough that the kids weren’t itching to get up and move and were able to grab their attention.

What I loved the most was I recognized Peter as being one of the actors from Avenue Q that I had seen a couple months earlier.

It was such a cute story, stayed to the book while adding more into the storyline.

I thought the background was super cute  (sorry about the blur, the only picture I took was taken by my daughter!)

What my daughter (who is 7 now) got from it, was that boys can like pink too. She asked why don’t more boys like pink.

It was a very cute story, I do suggest it is just as good for little boys as it is for girls. Although I’m sure that it is girls who are the inital draw. Brothers would enjoy it just as much!

Avenue Q

I didn’t tell my husband much about Avenue Q prior to going. He’s not a fan of musicals so I didn’t want to ruin it before we even got there!

I didn’t know much about it either but I had heard nothing but amazing reviews and how it was not child friendly and how a few of the songs were down right delightfully inappropriate!

The tickets for the production was through the Lower Ossington Theatre

They did not disappoint. The theatre was the perfect size, you couldn’t pick a wrong seat. The actors were fantastic. I thought I would have issues with seeing the actors voice the puppets but I forgot there were there. The few times I did notice them, it was I’m sure times they wanted us to notice them.

We were still singing some of songs a couple weeks later. My husband only had 1 bad thing to say about it (and he’s quite easy to disappoint) He said there was too much singing. Considering he isn’t a fan of musicals, I didn’t think it was a truly negative thing to say.

If you have a chance, check it out. They have extended the production into January 2013.


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