Beauty and the Beast 3D – In Theatres Now!

Edited to add – This opens today in theatres!

I was extremely excited when I found out I was going to be heading to this movie! I adore Belle (she is my favourite out of all the princesses) but to see it in 3D was an extra special thing! We saw it on January 7th!

I was lucky and received 4 tickets to the show and allowed my 6 year old to choose who was going to come with us! She chose her 2 babysitters who are sisters ages 14 and 15.

We had some decent seats, which worked out to be amazing seats when it came to my 6 year old. We weren’t front row but pretty close but it gave my 6 year old room without bothering people to get up and enjoy the 3D. This was her first 3D that she would remember. She loved “catching” the bubbles and “feeling” the articles that came out of the screen to us!

The 14 year old had never seen Beauty and the Beast before and the 15 year old who is in love with drawing and all things art absolutely loved how great 3D was.  The story will always be a great one, I’m happy Disney is making them all in 3D so we get to enjoy them in the theatre!

I am going to be seeing more 3D in the future. Beauty and the Beast in 3D made me realize how great 3D can be!

I want to thank Kids Ability ( for the tickets! They were well loved!

Would we do it again ? Everyone said yes. The babysitters were very excited to be invited along!

All ready for the movies!

Would we recommend it? Another huge yes. I’ve already booked time in to see it again at a theatre closer to me!


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