CBC Premiere Toronto – Republic of Doyle and Mr D

I’m going to let you know right away, that this was one of the best nights two CBC fans could ask for! We were invited to the premiere screening of Mr D and the Toronto Premiere of Republic of Doyle. We went for Doyle and ended up loving Mr. D

We get there early (a rule of mine) to the AMC Theatre at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto. After 4 escalators got up to the desk welcoming us in!   The staff from CBC working it (or the PR firm) were the kindest. You expect them to be, but doesnt’ always happen. They were just as happy to see us as they were the stars that were in attendance!

Got our picture taken on the Red Carpet by the photographer, and then we stood around waiting for the doors to open to the Theatre. During that time, I did chat with other winners to be allowed in. Everyone was in a great mood.

I had a great standing spot – I got to see people coming out of the theatre and I got to see the red carpet! My husband snagged a red carpet picture with Gavin Crawford (http://www.gavincrawford.com/Gavin_Crawford.html)

I turned around and saw Alan Doyle from Great Big Sea. Husband is a huge fan – always has been. He’s a true Newfoundlander and will support anything that comes out of the province. (side note, especially when it is good!) I then saw the cast from Republic of Doyle! I remember noting that they look better in person. They look so much better than I do on TV it isn’t fair that they can look EVEN better in person! 🙂

We were then allowed to get into the Theatre. We had the chance to pick amazing seats. I had never done an IMAX theatre before either, so the huge screen was a great thing to see!

They gave away prizes for people to do things for them. Curtis and I slow danced for a Republic of Doyle book and a CBC Tshirt!

Soon after they introduced the Winter 2012 line up – Artic Air, Mr D, Redemption, Republic of Doyle to name a few. In all those mentioned, Rick Mercer (who was also there!) is going to be celebrating 150 episodes! That is great. We’ve seen Rick Mercer in studio a few times. He is always a great time to see live. If in the Toronto area I highly recommend it!

Next up was the cast of Mr D and their premiere episode! Gerry Dee, who is Mr D, introced the cast and then was asked to thank his wife. At that moment, he went into a huge heartfelt moment that I adore that he did. considering his background is teaching and comedy, I’ll take the crying to be real and not an actor doing really well at their job!

 I have to tell you, I went into the show with an open mind. We laughed a bunch with the show. But Mr D comes off as stupid. I don’t know how many episodes of that I’ll be able to watch. (Being Honest, It was funny, we aren’t into dumb funny)

Next up was Republic of Doyle.

Introduced the regular cast as well as Alan Doyle (known from Great Big Sea) Then we watched the season premiere. This premiere has Russell Crowe and his band of Merry Men from the Robin Hood movie Alan Doyle also starred in with him. As much as I loved the story, which wrapped up nice and neat, I loved how great St Johns looked! I’ve only been to St Johns twice but the city always looks great on TV and if the cast looks better in person, the city must too right!

That 40 minutes (watched the show without commercials rocked too!) flew by. It was such a delight to see Republic of Doyle at the theatre. Should happen more! (movie anyone!?)

We then were first in line for the signings and the meet and greet! I got to talk to Lynda Boyd (who plays Rose http://www.cbc.ca/republicofdoyle/characters/rose-miller.html) She was so down to earth, but also very chatty! Allan, Krystin and Mark seemed to be out of their element and very shy about the meet and greet.

I have to admit – I would do this again in a heartbeat. Curtis was more than excited and we are both lucky we got the chance to go!

I’ll post my twitter feed in another post! Thanks for reading!


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