How I love Christmas in Cambridge!

Christmas in Cambridge Ontario is a family affair! They have so many activities for everyone of all ages and their individual love of the season.


My daughter and I have gone into a couple of their activities already. We participated in Candyland as well as rode the miniature train that the Cambridge Centre our local mall has going on right now.


Candyland is always something we do, and I’m excited as this year they have done away with the carousel (that I’m sad about) but they have replaced it with a skating rink! That is our plan for tonight, to go skating at Central Park in Preston. Winters here aren’t usually very nice to outdoor skating rinks, so I’m going to take advantage and do it now while I can!


Mackenzie had her face painted and met with Santa and Mrs Claus and talked to them. Explained to them how she lost her 1 tooth. She lost it at our annual Ugly sweater breakfast that morning. We enjoyed the games and the mazes as well as the must have pictures of her as ice cream/ candy ect. It is a sight to be seen! They decorate the trees and the grounds with “candy” . Local schools show off their gingerbread houses and there are lots of people offering hot chocolate and food and other great treats!


I’m going to note that Mackenzie also lost another tooth that day. She lost her 2 top front teeth. The other was lost right after we left Candyland. She’s really wanting her front teeth for Christmas!


Monday night, we went off to the Cambridge Centre to check out the miniature train. It is new this year and only running from Dec 3—9th. They have more information on their website or Facebook page but there really isn’t much you need to know is that it is free and very fun! They start off at the new Target location (Old Zellers inside doors) and drive us through the whole mall. It was a great way to window shop. The whole ride lasted about 10-15 minutes and we got to wave and say hi to Santa on our way!


I’m heading to Toronto later this week to check out the Strombo show and shop a bit downtown. The next few weeks will be busy!



Great seats and a great time at the Ron James Show Taping

On Friday night, my lovely husband got tickets and brought myself and 2 of our friends to see Ron James in person and to see a taping of one of his TV shows.

We are huge CBC fans, we love these TV show live audience taping. We watch so much CBC it is a staple in our house.

Since, this isn’t the first time we went, we have gotten pretty good at scoring great seats. Our many trips managed to get us front row seats! Image


That is really the only photo I was able to get, as no recording or photographs are permitted once the cameras are turned on.

We laughed so hard that night, we had tears in our eyes and were wiping them away. We must have made good TV as we had the camera on us for a good 10 minutes of us laughing. It was great, I can never say a good laugh is a bad thing, and full body laughs are always a great way to start a weekend.

Tickets are free, and available for a lot of CBC shows. Check out for shows. Not all are Toronto based, This hour has 22 minutes does its taping in Halifax and has audiences too.

I’m checking out CBC all the time for Stephan and Chris and Strombo tickets. They are available now, but I am waiting for a day I can take off that corresponds with a show and personalities I want to see!


We Scared the Crows

So I’m not great at updating everything we’ve done at a quick pace so I’m going back a bit to when we made some scarecrows!

The Cambridge Sculpture Garden (  puts on the event every year. They call it Scare the Crows.

We arrive and checked in. It is an event you have to sign up for, and I’m very happy my friend Michelle signed us up with her and her daughter.

Each of us made our own scarecrow. They gave us a list of everything we would require from a frame which consisted of black tubing about 1 or 2” round glued together with 2 sets of “arms” from it, to all the clothing and pins to put it together and keep it there!

We found a spot on the lawn at the garden, and started to work. They had bales of hay all over so we didn’t have to worry about being too far from our supplies.


The girls had a blast filling the crows with hay, pinning everything on them so they stay.

End results had some really happy kids!


Her crow was even in the shot that the local paper took. I can’t find any of their photographs online but if you are wanting to see all of the scarecrows that were made that day, check out the website that the Cambridge Sculpture Garden has!


I took my little pink lover to Guelph on Sunday to watch Pinkalicious. It is a play based on a book by the same name.

Having never been to the River Run centre, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I shouldn’t have had a second thought, as usual well laid out theatre and not a bad seat in the house. We had really close to the stage seats, thanks to River Run advertising on Facebook last minute tickets that had come available. With easy to find parking and such a short drive from Cambridge, we will be doing more shows there in the future for sure!

As for pinkalicious, my pink lover was expecting an exact replica of the book. It was not. Which made it nice for me. 55 minutes straight through with no intermission was also the perfect length of time also. Just long enough that the kids weren’t itching to get up and move and were able to grab their attention.

What I loved the most was I recognized Peter as being one of the actors from Avenue Q that I had seen a couple months earlier.

It was such a cute story, stayed to the book while adding more into the storyline.

I thought the background was super cute  (sorry about the blur, the only picture I took was taken by my daughter!)

What my daughter (who is 7 now) got from it, was that boys can like pink too. She asked why don’t more boys like pink.

It was a very cute story, I do suggest it is just as good for little boys as it is for girls. Although I’m sure that it is girls who are the inital draw. Brothers would enjoy it just as much!

Avenue Q

I didn’t tell my husband much about Avenue Q prior to going. He’s not a fan of musicals so I didn’t want to ruin it before we even got there!

I didn’t know much about it either but I had heard nothing but amazing reviews and how it was not child friendly and how a few of the songs were down right delightfully inappropriate!

The tickets for the production was through the Lower Ossington Theatre

They did not disappoint. The theatre was the perfect size, you couldn’t pick a wrong seat. The actors were fantastic. I thought I would have issues with seeing the actors voice the puppets but I forgot there were there. The few times I did notice them, it was I’m sure times they wanted us to notice them.

We were still singing some of songs a couple weeks later. My husband only had 1 bad thing to say about it (and he’s quite easy to disappoint) He said there was too much singing. Considering he isn’t a fan of musicals, I didn’t think it was a truly negative thing to say.

If you have a chance, check it out. They have extended the production into January 2013.


Annie – Huron County Playhouse

I went and saw a great production last night. It was a complete last minute score and I’m happy I jumped at the chance. Jacki ( posted she had a couple extra tickets for Annie. Annie was being shown at the Huron County Playhouse in Grand Bend which is part of the Drayton Entertainment banner. *
I brought my friend Connie with me who has seen the movie many more times than I have. We have a different take of the musical we watched last night. She missed so many moments that were missing from the movie, but for myself who hasn’t seen the movie in a very long time I didn’t notice anything gone. The songs that you expect were there (Sun will come out tomorrow), and the scenes you vividly remember are there (Never fully dressed without a SMILE!)

I caught myself smiling all the time, wholly engrossed in the production. The children were great, sang beautifully and I thought to myself, if those children were in today’s world singing and dancing that well in an orphanage, they would make a TV show about it! (How the world has changed in the last 100 years!)

Unlike the last couple times I was at different productions, the set isn’t what grabbed my attention nearly as much as the actors themselves.
Connie still plans to bring her daughters with her to see the stage production. Even if it wasn’t just like the movie (her big issue was she missed the larger role Sandy the dog played in the movie vs the stage) she doesn’t think it will be for the Huron County Playhouse run, but plans to grab it at the St Jacobs County Playhouse (
They’ve made a fan out of me, I’ll be back.
*Side note, we are getting our own Drayton Entertainment Theatre in Cambridge very shortly! Dunfield Theatre has plans to be open Christmas time 2012. I was excited before Annie last night, but even more so since. I plan to be a season ticket holder!

So Excited!

Just bought my tickets to see Avenue Q in Toronto!

Highly recommended just by reviews and what I’ve heard! I’ll review later!

Camping – Kin Kamp style!

The last time I went camping, I wasn’t sure if I was going to manage…

This time I knew I was going to manage. Kin Kamp isn’t normal camping. Showers, running water and electricity.

We end up in Meaford Ontario ( at Memorial park ( ) with about 1500 people.
 Georgian Bay is visible from the campsite, as well as the great beach that Meaford has! I swear I love the water just as much as the fellowship!

Activities keep you busy the whole weekend from pancake breakfasts to hotdog lunches and freezie deserts to 11pm steak on a bun. The in between time is filled with Tug of Wars, relays for anyone who can walk, a talent show and lots of swimming in Georgian bay! Different Kin clubs offer something to do the whole time we are there.

Our campsite for Cambridge had 20 different living quarters all squished into 7 rentable sites! Does it feel crowded? Nope I can say that most people don’t stay on the camp site as they head to the meeting places for games and food.

Preparing a tent to be added to tent city!

Hanging out in front of one of the trailers. Not all the trailers and tents had arrived at that point.

We look forward to this camping each year. Midnight swims and lots of great friends who could ask for more?

How to Train Your Dragon – #JLCreviewer

Like I said in my first blog post about How to Train your dragon, I had high expectations. Boy, did they not disappoint. We all left amazed at what we just finished seeing. The whole time I was watching, I felt I was in the show.  Many times we bring our children to shows for their amusement, this time it was just as much for the adult as it was for the child. No child needed to watch this show – Promise!

My daughter, who is hard to please, was entranced the whole time with the life like dragons and the actors who played Hiccup and Astrid. Must note – Astrid is her favorite!

Perhaps my imagination isn’t where the creators of the live show is – but I would never had thought of using the techniques that they did to make it so realistic. Walking on Walls, Flying in the air, fire and bubbles. You can’t get a bad seat for the performance.  The dragons themselves were superb, life like, large and in charge. They were the size of a small passenger truck to a large transport truck.  They had them flying above us, or coming at us and breathing “fire”. Dragons eating objects and taking care of business.

We all spoke of our favorite parts of the live performance, and many times it was the story itself, mine had to be the bubbles to make us feel like we were under water, or when the fire came up to make us realize we were fighting the Queen dragon. The details that they remembered and added in made the show. The actors were perfect, never missing a beat that you or I would catch.  I was sad when it ended and I had to return to reality.

Would I recommend this show to anyone? YES . You didn’t need to watch the movie to understand the show. They mastered enough movie to be able to show. Many times it is hard to make an animated movie into a production, considering one with huge dragons to contend with – but they managed it with precision. I didn’t feel like I missed any of the movie at all while watching the show.

Thanks John Labatt Centre (JLC) for the afternoon of magic and being a #JLCreviewer . This was truly a magical afternoon that was enjoyed by the adults as much as the children. The staff at the JLC are as amazing as the show itself. I had a chance to chat with a few of the staff, and they were so courteous and kind.   Check out a show there anytime.

Camping Part 2

Well, my update for Camping is here!

I’ll start off saying that I really did enjoy it. Didn’t miss having no electricity. We had running water, toilets and showers. Did that make a difference. YES

Lots of hikes and an afternoon at a beach made the weekend so relaxing. Lots of help, with over 40 of us there, so no one really did everything on their own.

We are considering going back, as well as buying a yearly pass. It gives us a discount on camping. They do have electric sites, but the group ones are not electric is all.

Why not check out Valens Conservation Area – we had a great time even without electricity!

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